Egzistencija @najuste

Egzistencija @najuste

Water runs with vine through the veins. I still feel thirsty.
Tengo sed was one of the first phrases ‘in spanish’ learned while studying in France. The Girl told me this phrase to be important saving me from the drought..
But it doesn’t.
Water is too fast..
Water passes through: smiling, shining, bright and always young.
Life is too dynamic to feel this dynamics, but I need it more. I need life water, the living liquid.

My eternal thirst, my endless curiosity.. where are you leading me to go? After long nightless discussions with myself and Camus, now Goethe.. the stars do not shine brighter! The dreamed worls is not easier to realize! The wings never grow up enough!

The deeper Man step - the harder pessimistic thoughts obsess him.
Where is the truth ? Who invented this truth ?

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